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Thank you for looking on my website! I truly love the company of newborn and enjoy to know each and every baby by their unique personality. There is nothing better then capture world’s littlest treasures. I will be honored for the chance to photograph your child. I look forward to capturing photos that your family will be able to enjoy over and over again.

About me:

Hello there!

My name is Milena but since school I was called Mili by my friends and colleagues. Feel free to call me Mili.

My journey with photography started when my daughter Abigail was born. She is my inspiration and means world to me. Newborn photography became my big passion and then profession. I specialize mainly in the art of newborn, maternity and children photography. My approach and style is clean and colorful. Safety is always my first and main priority. I’m working with natural light only. I am fully trained and insured photographer.

I strive to capture the awe and emotions that come with welcoming a new baby into your life. I love being creative, always open to new ideas and put as a goal to make each session special. I want to give you something for wall that make you smile every time you look at it.

Babies are the most precious gift we are given and while your child is in my care for those few short hours I will look after them as I would do with my own.

Please do have a good look at my work in my portfolio and make sure it’s the style you like.



Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.):

*When should I book my newborn photo session?

You can book your session any time. Most mummies tend to book just after 20 weeks scan. I will add you to my schedule around your due date. Once your baby arrives, I ask you that you contact me and we will set an actual date of the session.

If you are induced or given c­section, exact session date can be booked in advance.

If you are due imminently or just given birth you are welcome to contact me to check if there are any free slots.

I limit amount of photo sessions per month to ensure a desired level and quality.

* When should I come for photoshoot?

The best time to capture newborn portraits is during first 12 days of life. Babies sleep very deeply at this stage and are still able to maintain that lovely tight, curly position they held when laying safety in the womb. I am able to pose them onto these wonderful cute positions whilst they dream away safe and sound in a deep sleep.

*How long it takes and where?

Session may last up to 4 hours, as I work safety around baby’s needs. Changing, feeding, cuddles and positioning them to every little detail is important for me and it all takes time. You won’t be bored in this time, as there is corner area for you to relax.

If you would like family portraiture’s or siblings, please let me know when booking. Arrangements may need to be made for young children to either attend towards the end or beginning, so they  will not get bored and disturb baby through out the session.

Most photo shoots take place in my home studio in Preston, but I also do work on location or in the clients home within 30 miles distance. Please note, pricing is considerably higher for home sessions as it requires for me to travel and take a full day out of my schedule. I will bring my portable studio complete with backgrounds and props to your home.

*How to  prepare ?

If possible try to keep little one awake before photo shoot. Just before you leave your home it is advised that you give baby a feed. Press baby in loose fitting clothes that I will be able to easily remove. This will encourage to fall newborn in deep sleep without waking up.

*What will I need to bring?

Baby will probably feed more during the session, so you will need to bring plenty of milk and of course dummies, even if you normally not giving your baby one. This is a huge help to sooth baby and can make photo shoot quicker .If you planning to have pictures taken with your newborn baby please, bring clothes for change. No patterns or printed T­Shirts. (a preferable white cream light colors). If you have any sentimental items that you’d like to include in your pictures I will try my best to incorporate them too.


Newborn safety:

The life of a newborn human is precious in my eyes, that’s why safety is priority number one in Mili­images studio. I am working only with natural light so you can be sure no artificial light will not effect your baby delicate eyes or infant does not wake up.

Capturing beautiful portraiture of newborns isn’t just about knowing how to operate a camera. More importantly is to know how to handle a newborn baby. Little ones can be very wobbly and at the same time very strong. Self confidence that comes with experience is crucial to handle little ones safely. I will never do a pose if I feel it is uncomfortable for baby, even if parents ask me to do it. Some babies can not perform some poses. I always ask parents for help if I need to. Some pictures seen in my portfolio are composites from two or three images. I hope this example gave you peace of mind.



Usually sessions take place in my home studio in Preston (Lancashire)

Full Address:


125 New rough hey



My studio is warm and calm place to make you feel truly comfortable and relaxed whilst your precious baby is being cuddled and photographed. I offer variety of pregnancy gowns, newborn’s outfits, props, blankets, headbands, hats, accessories.