Cake Smash

Another funny and messy cake smash with lovely girl called Maja. This kind of sessions allows me to create individual and colorful scenery. All You have to tell me is: What your favourite colours are and what animated character likes your child. Then I will be able to create exceptional, fabulous scenery which will be the perfect gift for your child’s special day.yummy-cake-cake-smash-prestonhappy-children-photoshoot-cake-smash-preston children-photsession-cake-smash-preston1 children-photoshoot-cake-smash-preston children-photography-lancashire-preston1st-birthday cake-smash-celebrate-1st-birthday-preston cake-smash-fun-way-to-celebrate-birthday-preston Cake-smash-photography-preston-lancashire1 cake-smash-yummy-children-photography-preston-lancashire child-photos-cake-smash-preston-lancashire children-cake-smash collage-cake-smash-preston-lancashire

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On this blog you will be able to see sneak peek of my latest studio and outdoor photo sessions.Also previews,news and giveaways.I hope you will enjoy watching my lovely models with me.

Cake Smash is an absolutely wonderful way to do photoshoot.The photographs taken at Cake Smash Photosession are unique and fun.
I had the privilege to host in my home studio in Preston (Lancashire) one year old Joseph. He had a great time smashing,eating and getting very messy.However I think the best part of his Cake Smash Photoshoot was bathing in bubbles.We just couldn’t stop laughing with his parents. Honestly this Cake Smash Photo session gave him lot of joy as it should be!


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